Very welcome to my blog!

I am a MD with a great passion for the skin and mind.

Once I had a dream of becoming a surgeon, but unfortunately I had to change my mind because of hand eczema. Trapping my hands in latex gloves and expose my skin to frequent washes were making my problems much worse.

However, I’m not a person that  gives up easily, so I started to learn as much as I could about eczema. I tried all creams, lotions, home remedies and other recommendations for people with eczema. Steroid creams are fantastic, but they also come with adverse effects. in the long run I learned that the best way to treat eczema was actually to prevent it, and make the proper changes in lifestyle.

Today my skin problems are almost gone. During my journey I have switched focus towards internal medicine, dermatology and psychiatry. The link between the min and our physical health is now certainly the area that inspires me most.

What is Skinfulness?

When I started this site, you couldn’t find a single hit in Google about the word “skinfulness”. This is a term I made up by myself. It is  inspired by “mindfulness”. Skinfulness stands for the awareness that I’ve applied to heal my own skin problems. It’s obvious that by adopting the right life style changes and avoid certain triggers, you can aleviate many skin conditions. This also applies to many medical conditions as well, not only skin disorders.

The best way to a healthy skin comes from increasing your awareness.

/Marten, MD, PhD candidate


This blog is not intended to give personal medical advice.