Anti-aging Vitamins and Supplements for your Skin

The most common concept about skin care is that it is done with the use of topical products. While this is partly true, caring for the skin should not only be done on the outside as mentioned before. Since the skin is part of our entire body, it is important to ensure that we nurture it from the inside as well. Eating the right foods, drinking enough water, exercising and getting the right amount of rest are some of the best ways to keep skin healthy.

However, like other organs in the body, it is important to provide the skin with essential vitamins and nutrients too. Certain vitamins and supplements are known not just to make the skin healthy, but to provide anti-aging benefits as well.

Vitamin C

Also known as L-ascorbic acid or ascorbate, this vitamin supplement is commonly taken to help boost the immune system and fight against colds and other common diseases.  Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant that can help fight off free radicals in the body to help prevent premature aging. It is also necessary to produce a protein known as collagen that is essential in the production of skin cells and helps with the healing and removal of scar tissue. Vitamin C also works alongside other antioxidants by interacting with them and boosting their effectiveness.

Vitamin E

Perhaps the most popular of all vitamins when it comes to skin care and anti-aging, Vitamin E or alpha tocopherol is also an antioxidant. Considered by experts as the most important of all antioxidants it works directly on the membranes of cells by protecting these from enzyme damage. This fat-soluble compound not only works against the effects of free radicals but also helps reduce the damage to skin from sun exposure. Most importantly, Vitamin E can also help reduce the production of cancer cells in the skin and body. The daily intake of this vitamin has been shown to:

  • Lessens the appearance of wrinkles
  • Reduces photodamage
  • Tightens and improves the feel of skin

Vitamin A

Like the first two vitamins, Vitamin A is a fat soluble compound and an antioxidant too. It is essential for cell reproduction and keeps mucous membranes healthy throughout the body. Vitamin A also aids in the production of collagen which helps keep the skin plump and looking young. At the same time it has been shown to be effective in treating and eliminating skin disorders including premature aging coming from sun exposure.

Vitamin B-3

Otherwise known as Niacin or nicotinic acid, this is one of the 8 B complex vitamins that is water soluble. One of the main ways that it helps with anti-aging is by helping the skin stay moisturized. When the skin begins to age it often becomes dry, B-3 aids in the retention of moisture keeping skin looking young and healthy. Aside from this, moisture in the skin can prevent other unwanted skin conditions such as itching and breaking. Vitamin B-3 also helps the skin to slough off or exfoliate dead skin cells while bringing new cells to the surface preventing aging.

Vitamin K

A fat soluble vitamin, Vitamin K is best known for its role in coagulation. Although not as popular as the first few vitamins, it can play a vital role in anti-aging. As people grow older it is common to develop dark circles under the eyes as a result of lack of sleep, stress and even genes. Vitamin K helps to reduce dark under eye circles and repairs broken capillaries eliminating that tired and haggard look around the eye area.

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