DermaSilk | Therapeutic Natural Clothing for Eczema

What is DermaSilk?

Made by Altpretec, a company that specializes in the production of medical textile tools, Dermasilk is a line of therapeutic clothing. It is made especially for treating different types of dermatitis that may include contact dermatitis, mycosis, atopic dermatitis, candidiasis and more. Dermasilk is made for use on various parts of the body that can become affected by these conditions and can be used by all age groups. The line is composed of undergarments and intimate apparel for men, women and children. Accessories such as bandages, gloves, masks and undersocks are also part of the line.

How it Works

Dermasilk is made from special medical-grade silk that has its outer layer stripped off. Knitted and bound through Microbe Shield Technology, this textile is far more superior to cotton and other fabrics. It works by helping keep conditions ideal for the skin, to help avoid irritation and infection. With an exceptionally high absorbency rate, it can absorb up to 30% of moisture in its own weight. Despite this, it does not leave the fabric feeling damp allowing the skin to be dry at all times.

At the same time, even if it eliminates the presence of moisture and perspiration, Dermasilk also ensures that the skin stays moist by helping control the body temperature. Most fabrics can cause body temperature to increase causing sweating. The process of perspiring and cooling off repeatedly results in drying of the skin. Thanks to the particular type of yarn that is used to know Dermasilk, it allows for high breathing capacity. Together with its ability to absorb, sweat does not cool and body temperature is maintained.

The special textile also works by helping reduce skin irritation being made from 100% pure silk fiber. The long and smooth threads do not cause any mechanical friction even as it comes into contact with the skin. Also seams are made to be very thin and can be found on the outside for garments used on children below the age of three. For older children and adults, seams are unnoticeable and do not cause any discomfort or irritation on the skin.

Special Features

Aside from high moisture absorption ability, breathability and being non-irritating, Dermasilk has other special features. This textile is bound and made with AEM 5772/5, a unique patented antimicrobial shield that is also used in hospitals. The antimicrobial shield prevents the growth of bacteria and fungi by immediately killing these through puncturing. As a result, there are no chemicals used to eliminate germs ensuring that no such substances irritate the skin. This feature also allows Dermasilk to effectively inhibit bacteria and fungi without disrupting the natural flora and fauna of the skin. Best of all the effects of the antimicrobial shield remains even after the garment has been washed.

Additionally, Dermasilk is an all natural product that does not contain any sericin, bleach, dye or substances that can leak from the fiber and cause skin irritation. Garments available in other colors such as black and tan are made with threads that have been dyed. This will guarantee that the color used will stay within the fibers of the textiles.

Atopic dermatitis or eczema can be effectively treated with the help of Dermasilk. Thanks to the way the fabric effectively maintains moisture of the skin drying caused by eczema can be avoided. Also, it can help deal with itching and inflammation that is commonly associated with this skin condition due to antibacterial properties. With the way that Dermasilk is made, it not only provides treatment but can also help ease discomfort brought about by eczema.

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