Interesting Facts and Figures About The Skin

  • The skin is consider the biggest organ of the body. Well, it depends who you ask actually. Some gastroenterologists argue that the liver is actually the biggest single organ, or maybe the guts. Some physiologists would consider all our muscles to be one single organ.
  • The weight of the skin is about 8 pounds in adults, (3,6 kgs).
  • 15% of your body weight.
  • Each minute, approximately 25.000 dead skin cells fall of.
  • Dead skin cells are actually the most common source of dust in our homes.
  • Luckily, the skin constantly  renews itself, and all cells are replaced every single month.
  • The area averages about 22 squarefeets (2 squaremeeters). About the size of a large towel.
  • The  skin which is thickest is found under the feet, and equals to about 1.4 mm in depth.
  • The  skin which is the thinnest can be found on your eye-lashes (0,02 mm).
  • The skin is the home of approx 1000 different species of bacteria. If one were to count them all they would add up to
  • 4/5 teenagers will experience acne.
  • 1/20 of adult women will have persistent acne, as compared to only 1/100 in men.
  • We have 3 million sweat glands.
  • We have 45 miles of nerves.
  • We have 11 miles of blood vessels!


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