Yoga for skin care

Yoga is the ancient practice of mental, physical and spiritual discipline coming from India. Originally, this was practiced as a way to attain permanent peace. Today however, it has become synonymous with fitness and flexibility. More than providing the body with exercise, yoga can also be used as a way to care for the skin. The different aspects of this physical exercise provide various advantages for the skin without costing half as much as many skin care products in the market.

Relieves stress

At its core yoga is about finding that inner peace and stillness amidst the chaos of everyday life. This is the reason why meditation is integrated with the various poses practiced. Problems and daily stress can manifest themselves physically, often causing the skin to look tired and adding years to a person’s age. Stress and problems can trigger outbreaks of diseases and skin problems. By meditating and relieving stress, people become relaxed and these skin problems can be avoided. Additionally, yoga has been known to help people sleep better. Getting enough rest will also result in healthier skin that does not look tired and dull.


It is a known fact that when toxins build up in the body the skin can suffer. Certain yoga postures or “asanas” help improve the digestive process of the body thus making it easier to eliminate toxins. Poses that involve twisting are most effective, this includes the Bharadjvaga’s twist or the seated twist. The kapal bhati or skull shining breathing technique is also a known detoxification move. Also, the various moves in yoga help the body to expel toxins through breathing and by sweating it out.

Blood circulation

The various yoga asanas are not only targeted at exercising various parts of the body, but also improve the circulation of blood. Along with the different poses, proper breathing is practiced which increases oxygen in the body and aids in blood flow. Increasing blood circulation can help the skin healthy by nourishing the cells. At the same time an increase in blood flow will help remove waste products that build up and get stuck inside the body. Among the waste products removed from the body includes free radicals and digestive metabolites. Good blood flow also gives skin that fresh look and natural glow especially since it helps distribute nutrients to the skin  evenly. Several poses that promote better blood circulation to the face are the child pose, cobra pose and triangle pose.


More than just making the skin glow and making a person look relaxed, yoga can also help tone the skin. The various poses used during exercise can help tighten skin in different parts of the body. There are also specific yoga facial exercises which will do the same for the skin on the face. Facial yoga helps to tighten and tone muscles on the face to help combat aging as well. Simple moves such as raising the eyebrows and relaxing them by putting on a neutral expression all help tighten the skin on the face and prevent wrinkles.


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